6-10th March 2019: The Cavern, VAULT Festival
September 2018: Spark* York, TakeOver Festival (R&D Showing)

As a child, Alice fell into an orangutan enclosure, an event that influenced the rest of her life. Or maybe it hasn’t influenced anything. She’s not sure. But she’s going to figure it out.

Orangutan is the story of one woman trying to understand how she ended up here - wherever here is. A hilarious and heartfelt show about what it means to be human, what it means to matter, and how we can move on.



Writer | Toby King
Director | Fiona Kingwill
Producer | Joseph Cullen
Movement Director | Amy Warren
Lighting Designer & Production Manager | Timothy Kelly
Sound Designer | JP Guerrier
Associate Director | Katie Smith
Production Assistant | Martha Owen


Alice | Louise Waller



August 2016: Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh Fringe
August 2015: Rabbit Hole NW3, Camden Fringe

Alan Bennett has a problem: he can't stop talking to himself.
Over 45 minutes, Alan and Alan discuss Moscow, monks and mothers, all while trying to ignore that ticking in the corner...

Cast & Creatives:

Alan Bennett | Elizabeth Cooke
Alan Bennett | Isaac Bernier-Doyle

Writer & Director | Toby King
Producers (Edinburgh) | Timothy Kelly & Golfo Migos
Producer (Camden) | Maya Ellis
Assistant Director | Timothy Kelly
Technician | Roshan Conn
Press & Publicity | Kosi Carter & Guy Matthews


"this play is a total triumph, a beautiful homage to the writer’s style and art"
EdFringe Review (★★★★★)

"Elizabeth Cooke & Isaac Bernier-Doyle hold the audience’s attention without fail throughout this enigmatic play"
Laura Peatman


August 2016: Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh Fringe

Simon is Paul's best friend. They're young, they drink, joke and talk about girls. Unfortunately, Paul is also Death and he's got something to tell Simon… This darkly comic play explores ideas of mortality in the modern world from a uniquely youthful perspective. An original two-hander with plenty of laughs and ample room for reflection.

Cast & Creatives:

Simon | Jared More
Paul | James Esler

Writer | Fred Rosen
Director | Sam Hill
Producers | Timothy Kelly & Golfo Migos
Technician | Roshan Conn
Press & Publicity | Kosi Carter & Guy Matthews


"an exceptionally well-crafted comic drama"
Broadway Baby (★★★★★)

"It has the candour of a late-night heart-to-heart [...] tough-talking but ultimately hopeful commentary on the certainty that all life will end"
Fringe Guru (★★★★★)