At Cup of Brew, we make theatre that is just like a good cup of tea - it's an excellent facilitator for some of life's deepest conversations, it warms the soul, and is best experienced with a healthy supply of biscuits.

Cup of Brew was founded in 2015 by Toby King and Timothy Kelly whilst they were both studying at The University of York. Their first show, Alan and Bennett was performed at The Rabbit Hole NW3, as part of the 2015 Camden Fringe, before heading to the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe with a sister show A Matter of Life and Death.
After a brief hiatus to sort their lives out, Cup of Brew will be returning to the fray with Toby's new play Orangutan at VAULT festival 2019.

We're always on the lookout for fun emerging creatives to work with - please get in touch if that sounds like you!



Toby King is a playwright and director by night and works for a public service broadcaster by day. In 2018, he was shortlisted for the Papatango Award with his play The Gyre. He previously wrote Alan and Bennett for Cup of Brew in 2015, which he also directed for both its initial run at the Camden Fringe and subsequent transfer to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016.

His other plays include:

TheAcademic (Drama Barn, 2015)
Doctor (scratch performance at The Cockpit Theatre, 2017)

Toby takes his tea builder strength with one sugar and his favourite biscuit is a ginger snap.


Tim is a Lighting / Projection Designer, Stage Manager, Writer / Performer, Photographer and a co-founder of Cup Of Brew.
He likes theatre that is political, accessible, and form-bending.

His recent credits include:

The Trench (Southwark Playhouse & UK Tour, Les Enfants Terribles) Associate Lighting Designer
ELECTROLYTE (Edinburgh Fringe, WILDCARD) Lighting Designer
Sirens (Edinburgh Fringe & UK Tour, Zoo Co) Projection Designer
EAST (Kings Head Theatre, Atticist) Stage Manager
Two Thousand Tims (Etcetera Theatre) Writer / Performer

Tim likes his tea caffeine-free and is partial to a Lemongrass and Ginger or Rooibos.
His favourite biscuit is a Fox's Golden Crunch Cream.


Fiona is a Director and Dramaturg, she also moonlights as the Show Manager for the immersive Great Gatsby in London Bridge.
She likes theatre that is politically motivated and female forward. She's joining the Cup of Brew team as Director on Orangutan.

Her recent credits include:

Sacrament (The Bunker) Director
FOODIE (The Hope Theatre) Director
Sacrament (Theatre Upstairs, Dublin) Director
Antigone (UK Tour) Assistant Director
Madame Bovary's Communist After-Party (Camden Fringe & VAULT Festival) Director
World Without Work (The Arcola) Director
In Motion (Theatre503) Director
Waking Beauty (The Ovalhouse) Director

Fiona likes her tea strong and caffeinated, and in large quantities.
Favourite biscuit? It's got be a Jammie Dodger.


Louise is an actor/writer/ pro-user of the forward slash. Louise enjoys a mixture of theatre genres but is partial to a musical and enjoys a good black comedy. As well as playing 'Alice' in Orangutan, she has also just finished Co-creating her new play “Floaters” with The Underground Clown Club.

Her recent roles include:

Michelle in Dennis Kelly’s “Debris” (Battered Soul Theatre),
Violet Elizabeth in “Just William’s Luck” (UK/European Tour)
Kaa in Working Laboratory’s debut production “Man Cub”
Bianca in "Hollywood U" (Web Series, Dir: Zoe Denman-Ellis)
Emma in "When You Help Him" (Short Film, Dir: Eric Garro).

She is more of a coffee fiend, but also enjoys a relaxing camomile to round off the day.
Louise loves ALL BISCUITS...except garibaldis.


Joseph is an actor, writer, comedian, producer, and another University of York graduate.
He is a Company Director and Associate Artist of Out Of The Forest Theatre, producing their Off West End Award Winning production of “Bury The Hatchet” in 2018, and “Call Me Fury” at VAULT Festival 2019, which has recently won The North Wall Alchymy Award and will transfer later in 2019, and his first one-man comedy show “You Having Olaf?” won Best Newcomer at VAULT Festival 2017.

As an actor, Joseph’s credits include the Olivier-nominated “Alice’s Adventures Underground”, “On Your Head Be It: A Cautionary Tale” (which he also co-wrote, winner of Festival Spirit Award at VAULT Festival 2017), and most recently “The Darklings” with House Of Macabre.

Joseph’s girlfriend recently won a year’s supply of PG Tips on Twitter (other brands and social media sites are available), and he is of the Doc Brown school of tea-making thought. He has loved Lapsang Souchong since discovering Colin Hay’s song “Beautiful World” in Series 1 Episode 24 of Scrubs in 2002.


JP is a sound designer, and multimedia theatre creative, currently studying at Mountview.
JP will be joining the Cup of Brew team as Sound Designer for Orangutan. He’s interested in theatre that breaks rules and conventions.

Pericles (Bussey Building, Mountview) Sound Designer
Medea (Bussey Building, Mountview) Sound Designer
The Gauntlet (The Karamel Club, Mountview / Theatre503) Sound Designer
Professional (The Karamel Club, Mountview / Theatre503) Sound Designer
Flash (The Karamel Club, Mountview / Theatre503) Sound Designer
Homo Superior (The Karamel Club, Mountview / Theatre503) Sound and Video Designer
6 Characters in Search of an Author (The Karamel Club, Mountview) Associate Sound Designer
A Raisin in the Sun (The Karamel Club, Mountview) Associate Sound Designer, Video Designer

He keeps his tea drinking preferences close to his chest.


Katie is a theatre director currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She's into reimagined classics and experimental new writing. She joined Cup of Brew as Associate Director on Orangutan.

The Death and Crucifixion of Christ, York Mysteries 2018
Two Thousand Tims (Etcetera Theatre) Director
An Unexpected Electric Nativity (Edinburgh Fringe) Director
Phedre (Cutting Ball Theatre, San Francisco) Assistant Director

She thinks sugar in tea is an abomination.


Amy is a movement director who joined the team for Orangutan.
She loves any theatre that deems movement just as important as speech, and takes great pleasure from making actors sweat for a living.

Her movement directing credits include:

'Section 2' for The Bunker Theatre,
'Sacrament' for The Bunker Theatre,
'The Internet Was Made For Adults' Vaults Festival 2018,
'Into The Numbers' for The Finborough Theatre,
'Sacrament' for Theatre Upstairs Dublin,
'Foodie' for the Hope Theatre,
'Cockroaches' for The Space On The Mile,
'Romeo and Juliet' for the Union Theatre,
'A Matter Of Love' for the Etcetera Theatre,
'On Ego' for Zoo Sanctuary.

She takes her tea strong and fruity.


Martha is an actor and hanger-on. She likes theatre that’s self-aware and where people are having fun. She's joining the Cup of Brew team as Production Assistant on Orangutan.

Recent credits:

Collective Intelligence: The Interpretation of Dreams (Bunker Theatre)
Space. Planets. Stars (York TFTV)
Uncle Vanya (York Theatre Royal Studio)
Three Sisters (a devised production after Chekhov) (The Herd)

She likes over-brewed, tepid green tea and she knows this is awful. Literally any biscuit will do.



Liz is an actress and played 'Bennett' in Alan and Bennett in both the Camden and Edinburgh runs.


Saffia is an actress, and works in TV Drama development. She played Alice in the R&D performance of Orangutan at Spark* York.


Isaac is an actor and played 'Alan' in Alan and Bennett in both the Camden and Edinburgh runs.


Maya is a producer, and produced Alan and Bennett at the Camden Fringe 2015.


Sam is an actor, and directed A Matter of Life and Death in Edinburgh in 2016.


Freddie is a writer, and wrote A Matter of Life and Death, which was performed in Edinburgh in 2016.


James is an actor, and played 'Paul' in A Matter of Life and Death in Edinburgh in 2016.


Jared is an actor, and played 'Simon' in A Matter of Life and Death in Edinburgh in 2016.


Golfo is a stage manger currently working on The Great Gatsby. She was a producer on Cup of Brew's 2016 Edinburgh run.


Roshan is a stage manager and technician, and operated for Cup of Brew's 2016 Edinburgh run.


Guy is a singer/songwriter and actor, and worked on Press & Publicity for Cup of Brew's 2016 Edinburgh run.


Kosi is an actress, and worked on Press & Publicity for Cup of Brew's 2016 Edinburgh run.


Georgie is an actress, and was a literary associate and producer for Cup of Brew in 2015/16.